Practice Areas​


At PeninsuLawyers, we specialize in securing your investment in real-estate in the Yucatan Peninsula, whether by providing unparalleled closing services or consumer protection-related dispute resolution services.

Legal Practice Areas​

01.Consumer Protection-Related Dispute Resolution Services

In Mexico, consumer protection in real estate acquisition is governed by federal laws, ensuring a fair and transparent process. PROFECO, the consumer protection agency, plays a crucial role. When acquiring real estate, sellers must provide accurate information about the property, including its condition and legal status. If any issues arise, consumers can turn to PROFECO for assistance.

Conciliation procedure before PROFECO
Conciliation procedure VS. traditional litigation
Most Usual Claims
Non-Compliance in The Registration of Adhesion Contracts
Understanding the Market
Acquisition of Property in the Yucatan Peninsula
Property Search and Offer
Negotiation and Due Diligence
Purchase Agreement
Title Search and Verification
Closing and Notarization
Tax and Fee Settlement
Post-Closing Support

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